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Neville has been living in Namibia for the past thirty-one years, where he enjoys life with his lovely wife, Reinet. They have two sons Ewan and Simon. The youngest – Simon is married to a British citizen with four daughters.

In 1987 Neville received an offer to work in the Religious Department of the South West African Broadcasting Corporation where he actively worked to promote the message of the Blessed Hope to this vast country.

He is actively involved in Evangelism as one of his favourite activities. He took part in an International program ‘Total Member Involvement’ which they launched in 2017. Neville was inspired to develop a system whereby people can receive studies on their cell phones (WhatsApp Ministry) while busy with this program in Georgia. As a result of this tremendously successful program, he now is associated with AWR360/TMI at General Conference as the Global Evangelism Trainer.


Gideon has a degree from Andrews University, USA with Systematic Theology as his major. He has three daughters, the youngest being in her last year of high school; the twins are studying medicine in Pretoria.

Evangelism has become his passion as the eldest son of an evangelist father. He has cultivated a great love TO SHARE JESUS with as many as possible. Witnessing life-changing miracles as he speaks to large audiences is an immense privilege to him.

He is known as an international speaker who has travelled extensively to most African Countries, Nepal, Indonesia as well as various American destinations.

During lockdown he has continued with weekly ZOOM meetings addressing International audiences, confirming the hope of a sure future. He continually finds that people have many questions relating to events in current times, and the answers are found only in JESUS.

“CHRIST established a kingdom. HE called me, not to authority but service. Education and the knowledge that I have, places me under a greater obligation to serve my fellow men.” Gideon says.

1 Corinthians 9:19 “I have made myself a servant to all, that I might win more,” has become his motto.

Gideon is now extremely excited to be able to live his passion with this “THE GREAT RESET” series.