How does Scripture summarize Christ's childhood and youth?View
Is there a possibility that Bible writers added their own feelings, thoughts, personality and ideasView
The four angels holding the winds - What does it mean-?View
Upon seeing Jesus, what were the words of the aged prophetess Anna?View
What important prophecy of Isaiah was fulfilled when Christ was born?View
What is the meaning of Eccl. 5:1: “Walk prudently when you go to the house of God; and draw near to hear rather than to give the sacrifice of fools, for they do not know that they do evil.”View
(01 Study) Did God Create the Devil?View
(02 Study) Are The Dead Really Dead?View
(03 Study) Is Obedience Legalism?View
(04 Study) God's Free Health PlanView
(05 Study) Is The Devil In Charge Of Hell?View
(06 Study) Does God Inspire Astrologers and Psychics?View
(2)What does ‘latter days’ mean in Deut. 4:30?View
1 Cor. 15:5 Twelve used when only Eleven?View
24 Elders?View
After Herod's death, to what town did Joseph and his family move?View
Any animals in heaven?View
Arriveer die wet eerste by Sinai?View
As I understand it, the great controversy is about God and satan; satan saying God is unjust and questioning God's character. So God is proving satan wrong in front of the whole universe?View
As Jesus God se seun is of God is hoekom het hy self nie geweet wanneer eind van wereld is nie?View
At His birth, what message did the angel bring to the shepherds abiding in the field?View
At the Feast in Jerusalem, how did Joseph and Mary lose Jesus when He was twelve years old?View
Banvloek: wat beteken dit met Lev. 27:29 in gedagte?View
Bestaan bloedlyn vloeke?View
By what means did Herod seek to kill Jesus?View
Can a fallen angel repent and be saved?View
Can I be lost after having been saved?View
Can you tell me what is the meaning of Jer. 39:18.View
Canon and Apocrypha?View
Daniel 7 and Revelations both talk about 4 beasts. How do they relate? Which kingdoms are represented by these beasts? And do the beasts represent the kingdoms?View
Did God confound the language?View
Did God know that satan will betray Him, and if he did, why did he make him the most beautiful angel in all of heaven?View
Did Jesus’s sacrifice end the need to adhere to other Jewish feasts?View
Die Huwelike, ook oor rasse grense? - Bybelse riglyne View
Die Kanon en die boek van Henog?View
Die tien tone se betekenis?View
Die Wierookbak is in die Heilige gedeelte van die Heiligdom. Maar Kyk wat sê Hebr 9: 2-4.View
Do angels marry?View
Do I have to be baptized by a Pastor? Can I baptize my own grownup child? Can my husband and I baptize each other?View
Do we first need to teach a person before baptism?View
Do we go immediately to heaven when we die?View
Do we need to be born again?View
Do we preach to the dead?View
Does a dream mean anything?View
Does a new moon indicate the 1st day of the month? View
Does Isaiah 66:24 say that we do not really die?View
Does Jesus come to fulfill the verse that says: "Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world" ?View
Does Jesus preach to people who have already died?View
Does our diet influence our salvation?View
Does Paul say in Philippians 1:23 that we go to heaven when we die?View
Does Proverbs 31:6 mean that one is allowed to use alcohol?View
Does Satan's counterfeit of Christ's appearing happen before or after close of probation?View
Does the Sabbath keeping fill you with the Spirit?View
Does the text, 1 Thessalonians 3:13 teach us that all the righteous dead will return with Christ at the end of the world?View
Does under grace mean the law is not relevant anymore?View
Doesn't the Bible teach that Jesus was the "firstborn" of all creation? Thus a created being and not co-existent with the Father from all eternity?View
Doop en Besnyding?View
Dreams: should we be cautious?View
Drie-Eenheid VerduidelikView
Duidelike tekse vir huwelik se bestaan uit een man en een vrouView
Ek dink ek het ‘n profetiese gawe en is gevul met die Heilige Gees, hou dit dalk gevaar in?View
Ek ervaar nie greintjie waarheid na die eerste OBH whatsapp lesing nie. Is dit nie maar weer net een kerk se dogma nie?View
Ek sukkel soms om God se wil te onderskei met sekere goed. Dit voel soms asof Hy so stil is as mens leiding vra. Hoekom?View
Ek wil net weet waar in die Bybel lees hy dat die Duiwel se naam Lucifer is.?View
Explain Hebrews 8:7, 8View
Explain Righteousness by faith??View
Explain Titus 1:5View
Feeste en name vir die Here; is dit krities vir die Here?View
First second and third comings of Jesus?View
Genade-deur is dit 'n realiteit?View
God het Jokob lief en Esau haat Hy. Is hulle voorstelle van Gees en Vlees?View
GOD: How many spirits?View
Government and the Decalogue?View
Hoe besluit die Here wie sterwe?View
Hoe is die Aarde aan einde van tyd?View
Hoe kan 'n geskape wese altyd saam met die Vader bestaan soos die Bybel beskryf dat Jesus die "eersgeborene" van die skepping is? View
Hoe ken ek die wil van God? En is dit reg om vir 'n teken te vra?View
Hoe om God se stem te hoorView
Hoe onderhou ek die Sabbat?View
Hoe oud sal 'n baba in die hemel word?View
Hoe sien die Here iemand wat buite huwelik seksueel aktief is, en hoe impakteer dit op toekomstige verhoudings?View
Hoe stap ons agter Jesus aan?View
Hoe studeer ons die Bybel en hoe groei ons geestelik?View
Hoe voel die kerk oor die skenking van organe?View
Hoe weet ons dat die wolke engele voorstel?View
Hoe werk die “boek van die lewe”?View
Hoekom aanbid ons nou nie eenkeer n maand op die nuwemaan nie?View
Hoekom het God satan aarde toe laat kom toe hy uit die hemel verban is? Is dit om die skepping te toets?View
Hoekom word kinders onder 18 aan geloof blootgestel?View
Hoekom word terminale siektes nie deur gebede genees nie ?View
How can a youth balance his/her youthful activities such as education, daily job, and the work of God?View
How did the Bible come to man?View
How do I get access to sermons to share with people?View
How do you respond to someone who says, You don’t have to obey Old Testament laws and requirements since they are Jewish traditions?View
How does “firstfruits” impact on modern Christians?View
How does Jesus Christ look like? (Because Enoch was taken from this world to heaven)View
How does John the Revelator describe the satanic urge to destroy Christ?View
How does one differentiate between faith and feelings?View
How does Scripture summarise Christ's childhood and youth?View
How does the Bible describe the early life of Jesus?View
How many times must you be submerged when being baptizedd ? And why?View
How others treat other people in heaven? View
How should the Sabbath be kept?View
How to have unlimited confidence in God?View
How to keep the Sabbath?View
How to relate to 3 days and 3 nights?View
I am always dreaming of the second coming, is there a meaning?View
I am wrestling with the term ‘Elohim’ referred to in Genesis? Can you please shed further light on its meaning?View
I feel like spending sometime away from my husband, maybe I could refresh my mind. What does the Bible say about this?View
I want to know everything about Jesus?View
In Openbaring 1:4 word gepraat van die sewe geeste. Ek vind dit verwarrend. Is daar nie net 1 Heilige Gees nie?View
In the story of 2 Kings 7:1-20, what is the lesson of vs 6?View
In what frequency should holy communion occur?View
Info on the Sabbath rest?View
Information on true and false profits.View
Is "The fig tree" only a visual parable?View
Is baptism and early rain equivalent?View
Is daar lewe op ander planete?View
Is daar n wegraping voor die Merk van die Dier, of die Groot Verdrukking wanneer die Antichris op die toneel verskyn? Is daar ooit n wegraping of gaan daar alleenlik die Wederkoms wees?View
Is daar oordeel en afhandeling van sonde?View
Is daar risiko om mislei te word en hoe weet ek wie Jesus se eindtyd oorblyfsel is?View
Is daar wel steeds 'n Ware kerk en profeet?View
Is die Bybelse Feeste nodig vir moderne Christene?View
Is die millenium profeties?View
Is die skepping 7 letterlike dae?View
Is dit moord om in 'n oorlog iemand te dood?View
Is dit normaal om n vers of hoofstuk in die Bybel n paar keer te lees en dan het dit elke keer n nuwe betekenis?View
Is doop nodig?View
Is Easter a pagan feast, and what about other Christian festivals?View
Is God the source of sin or, is there an explanation for sin?View
Is hell a place, or simply an event that will mark the destruction of sin and sinners?View
Is it possible for evil Evil spirits to come from God?View
Is it possible that we as Christians were blinded by our religious beliefs through previous generations that were taught to believe certain traditionsView
Is kerk as instelling nodig?View
Is kerk nodig, en wat is sy kenmerke?View
Is name van/vir God en taalgebruik krities?View
Is ons gode? Met verwysing na Psalm 82? View
Is prophecy a valid gift?View
Is Sabbath indeed the 7th day? Where does the principle of using the moon to determine time come from? View
Is Saterdag kerk Bybels?View
Is Siener van Rensburg akkuraat met sy voorspellings?View
Is Siener van Rensburg se voorspellings belangrik?View
Is tale spreek die doping deur die Heilige Gees?View
Is the "Rapture" Biblical, or only Futurism in action?View
Is the 144,000 a literal or figurative number?View
Is the Bible one unit?View
Is the Bible Sabbath the present Sunday?View
Is the earth flat?View
Is the Holy Spirit manifest during the Old Testament? If so, why did Jesus say that He will send the Holy Spirit?View
Is the law still binding; specifically with the rules of old Israel?View
Is the persecution or enforcement of taking the vax, making an image to the beast or not?View
Is the protest over for Protestants?View
Is the Sabbath a Jewish custom?View
Is the Sabbath and sealing related?View
Is the woman in the wilderness as described in Revelation 12, the same woman as the one described in Revelation 17?View
Is the woman in the wilderness described in Revelations 12, the same woman as the one described in Revelatìons 17?View
Is there a judgement and rapture?View
Is there a link between pagan Rome and papal Rome’s attitude towards God’s people?View
Is voorspoedigheid in verhouding, die ekwivalent van ons assosiasie met God?View
Is women being ordained Biblical?View
Jacob en EsauView
Jer. 23:18,25 - Do we have false prophets?View
Jesus grants us peace, does He still need to come again?View
Judgement has come: what is the meaning with the 1844 and earlier Millerite movement?View
Kan ons maar enige dag kies om Jesus te dien?View
Link between Rome of Europe and Roman Catholic church as enemies of Christ?View
Mag ‘n Christen sy organe skenk?View
Matt. 13:39 - Would you please explain the meaning?View
Matthew 3:12 - Could you please explain what this means?View
Michael in the Bible? Who is He?View
Moet almal gedoop word?View
Moet ek myself laat herdoop? View
Moet ons aanhoudend smeek vir leiding vanaf God, of vra ons slegs eenmaal en vertrou dat Hy sal help in Sy eie tyd?View
Moet ons mense haat van ander kleur? Gaan hulle ook hemel toe? Staan dit in die Bybel?View
Moet ons ons laat doop?View
My ouers is n jezebel en agab. Hoe eer en sepekteer ek hulle met hulle "persoonlikhede" wat dinge so moeilik maak?View
Name van die weeksdae?View
Names of the weekView
Of whom was Christ to be born?View
Ons is met sexuele drange geskape maar hoe hanteer ek dit as ek nie n man het nie?View
Op watter manier moet ons hulle uit die vuur ruk en hoe vinnig? (Judas 1:23)View
Pagan Rome and Papal Rome?View
Paradise and New Jerusalem, are they the same?View
Persecution, is it real?View
Please explain "The angel with a key " and how Satan is bound in Revelation 20.View
Please explain 1 Corinthians 14:2 to me. I would appreciate clarity on this verseView
Please explain 1 Corinthians 15:25-28?View
Please explain 1 John 2:22View
Please explain in simple terms the number 666View
Please explain what was really happening in 2 Samuel 21:8-14?View
Please provide information on addiction in the life of a Christian!View
Please provide information on the Godhead?View
Please send me scriptures relating to gender based violence.View
Prophecy - What is the meaning?View
Proverbs 24:17-18 says: “Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, And do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles, lest the Lord see it, and it displease Him, and He turn away His wrath from him.” Please explain the last sentence.View
Provide clear text for the marriage relationship being one man with one wife.View
Rein en onrein, is dit belangrik?View
Result of believing in the Bible?View
Rev. 17:11 the seven beasts, who are they?View
Sabbat siklus, het dit verlore gegaan?View
Sabbat wetties, is ons nou onder genade in klankgreep?View
Sabbath and sealing, is there a relationship?View
Sal die Boek van die Lewe ook wys wat ek verkeerd gedoen het... voor ek tot bekering gekom het? Of gaan dit net my laaste sonde wys - hoekom ek verlore is?View
Salvation - do we receive it immediately after death?View
Salwing van die siekesView
Satan se val uit die hemel View
Seël van God of Merkteken van die dier?View
Seal of God or mark of the beast?View
Seuns van God en dogters van die mens wie is hulle?View
Sewe Geeste van Openbaring?View
Short answer on origin of SDA church?View
Should a man have only one wife?View
Should we wash feet during communion service?View
Son of perdition: Who was he and does he have a twin?View
Speaking in TonguesView
Tale gebruik in die Bybel?View
Tattoo's and a Christian?View
The 1,000 Years - When exactly will this be and what will we be doing?View
The 24 elders of Revelation: Angels or saved saints?View
The first promise of a Saviour from sin - Where in the Bible? View
The sealing - Does it also apply to the dead?View
The seals of Revelation?View
Through whose descendant was the promised restoration to come through?View
Tithes and offerings?View
Traditional marriages and marriages done by the government?View
Upon seeing Jesus, what were the words of the aged prophetess Anna?View
Verassing of begrawe?View
Verduidelik 1 Johannes 2:22 assebliefView
Verduidelik asseblief waar praat die Bybel van Jesus Christus en (of in die) die doderykView
Verse on Jesus?View
Verskil die doderyk en die hel?View
Verskil SDA en Jode?View
Verwys die koning van Tirus in Esegiël 28 regtig tot die Duiwel? View
Vind Johannes 14:1-3 plaas na Openbaring 20: 11-15?View
Vraag oor tale (1 Korintiers 14 vers 2)View
Waar in die Bybel lees ons dat die Duiwel se naam 'Lucifer' is.?View
Wanneer is Satan uit die hemel gegooi?View
Was anyone ever baptized in the Old Testament? When was baptism initiated?View
Was Eden created before man was created?View
Was Jesus killed or how did it work?View
Was Jesus the Messiah?View
Was the passage in Genesis 15:17-21 fulfilled?View
Was the Sabbath cycle lost?View
Wat beteken "gees" en "siel" in diere?View
Wat beteken; "God reik uit na die *hand* van ons geloof?”View
Wat beteken: “Die Sabbat is gemaak vir die mens, nie die mens vir die Sabbat nie” Mark2:27.View
Wat is 'n halfuur in profetiese tyd?View
Wat is die assosiasie in "Menslike saad?"View
Wat is die wolk van getuienis van Heb. 12:1View
Wat is toelaatbaar op Sabbat?View
Wat sê die Bybel oor Tale?View
Watter groep is die gaste by die bruilof, en dié wat op die see van glas staan?View
What descriptive names did Isaiah give to Jesus?View
What did the godly Simeon say when he saw Jesus?View
What did the Wise Men from the East do when they had found Jesus?View
What do the angesl and four winds mean?View
What do the offerings symbolize? The burnt offering and the sin offering – Lev. 5:1-13 and Eze. 46:20 View
What do we learn from Matthew 25:41View
What does 'preaching to the spirits' mean?View
What does ‘latter days’ mean in Deut. 4:30? View
What does it mean, "the worm does not die and the fire is not quenched?"View
What does the Bible say about women wearing a head covering to church (1 Cor. 11:2-16)?View
What does the Book of Enoch consist of / talk about?View
What does the weeping and wailing in Ramah suggest?View
What food does the Bible declare as clean, and unclean? And about a healthy lifestyle?View
What happens when we die?View
What impact did His questions and answers have upon the spiritual leaders of Israel?View
What important prophecy of Isaiah was fulfilled when Christ was born?View
What is allowed on the Sabbath?View
What is being held in restraint in 2 Thessalonians 2:6?View
What is original sin?View
What is the 'rest' described in Hebrews chapter 4?View
What is the difference between soul and the spirit? When a person dies which one goes back to God? And if its soul or spirit does it go immediately when a person dies?, especially the soul?View
What is the meaning of Jer. 8:8-9?View
What is the origin of demons?View
What is the origin of Islam?View
What is the significance of "40" in the Bible?View
What is the Trinity?View
What is the way to eternal life?View
What is the world and worldliness?View
What law was abolished at the Cross according to Colossians 2:14-17?View
What name was Joseph told to give the promised Son when He was born?View
What should I understand from Gen. 32:32?View
What should we expect before the coming of Christ?View
What town was predicted to be the birthplace of the Christ?View
What was Jesus doing when they later found Him?View
What was the song of praise that the host of angels sang that night?View
When Christ returns for the second time, what is the implication in Revelation 1:7, namely, even they who pierced Him? View
When should we get out of the cities?View
When should we get out of the cities? And how would we be able to go without our loved ones?View
When was Jesus born?View
When will the sealing be taking place?View
Where did all the other people come from since Adam, Eve, Cain and Able were the first humans.View
Where did satan and his angels go during the flood in Noah's time?View
Where in the Bible do we find that Satan is called Lucifer?View
Where was Jesus born, and when did He start His work as Saviour?View
Where was Moses buried!View
Which day is the seventh day, Sabbath?View
Who baptized John the Baptist?View
Who did the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem?View
Who is Jesus?View
Who is Michael the Archangel?View
Who is Solomon?View
Who was delivering the letters to the Churches John was writing at Patmos?View
Who was Melchizedek?View
Who was this promised seed?View
Who were the Jews? Are they the same people who became the Israelite nation?View
Who wrote Revelation?View
Who wrote the Bible, was it written to make you feel better and keep you calm?View
Why "John the beloved?"View
Why are 7 spirits mentioned in Revelation 1:4? Is there not just one Holy Spirit?View
Why are flowers placed on the coffin when our loved ones die?View
Why at the height of Greek intellect is there no mention of God the Creator?View
Why did Christ not enter into a dispute with Lucìfer when he asked for the body of Moses according to the book of Jude?View
Why did Joseph flee to Egypt with Jesus and His mother?View
Why do certain sincere Christians believe in false doctrines if it is the Holy Spirit who leads people to obey God's Law? View
Why do some say Sabbath is on a Sunday?View
Why does the Bible suggest that Jesus is the first of GOD'S creation, whilst Jesus is elsewhere called the Creator?View
Why is Jesus’ return delayed?View
Why is prison ministry important?View
Why is the Book of Enoch banned in the Bible? View
Why is the Sabbath holy?View
Why is there so much suffering in the world, and how long will this take? Is there any hope that we’ll be happy forever with no worries?View
Why the Prince of Tyre in Ezekiel 28:2?View
Why was Daniel not seen on the plain of Dura?View
Will Jesus bring the dead in Christ WITH Him when He comes?View
Will man live to be 200 in the future?View
Will persons living in Christ’s time survive until the second coming?View
Will we grow old in the new heaven and earth?View